Walking the Bridge

Walking the Bridge was commissioned in 2010 by ABC Radio National as a feature programme for 360. Island Stories were commissioned as two audiovisuals to accompany the programme. The audiovisuals develop on material from Judith’s exhibition Walking the Bridge in the Place Matters series. Audiovisuals produced by Judith Parrott and Mark Don.

The radio feature, audiovisuals and listeners’ comments can also be downloaded at the ABC Radio National website (click here) which includes the following introduction:

The two slide shows that accompany the programme, Walking the Bridge, document the communities of Scotland Island, NSW, Australia and The Isle of Bute, Argyll, Scotland. In both these places the sense of community is strong, though rising house prices and increasing numbers of weekender homes cause a sense of unease across the community of Scotland Island.


Scotland Island is situated in Pittwater, a short boat ride from Church Point in the outer reaches of Sydney.

The island is named after a Scot, Andrew Thompson, who arrived in Sydney as a convict with the Second Fleet in 1792.

Thompson received an absolute pardon in 1797 and Governor King helped him set up a salt manufacturing plant.

Thompson then moved his salt works to Scotland Island, which he named after his homeland.


The Isle of Bute sits off the mouth of the River Clyde in the Argyll and Bute region of Scotland. Its Gaelic name is Eilean Bhoid, and the name comes from the word budh, meaning corn.

It is a short ferry ride to Wemyss Bay, which then connects by train to Glasgow.

The island is steeped in royal history. The Marquess of Bute is descended from the Stuart kings of Scotland and the name, Rothesay, perhaps comes from the Gaelic Reogh-siudh, 'King's seat'.

John Stuart, third Earl of Bute and the first Scot to hold the post of Prime Minister, died in 1792, the year Andrew Thompson arrived in Sydney.

Walking the Bridge has been developed from the exhibition of the same name, created for Scottish Year of Homecoming,
by photographer, writer and sound artist Judith Parrott.

The images are scanned from traditional black and white film.
Judith's exhibition series, Place Matters, looks at the importance of community, cultural identity and connection to place.


Lismore, Scotland
This audiovisual, recorded in Gaelic and English, was sponsored by isee-ilearn to be included on their website of Indigenous stories.

The website, founded in Australia, promotes the use and learning of Indigenous language.

To view the audiovisual on the Italk library website - click the image at left and select the Lismore Story (you will be leaving this website)

Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme

This audiovisual was commissioned as part of the final event exhibition,
showcasing the work of Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme.

The scheme was set up on the Isle of Bute in Scotland with 2.8 million pounds in funding to celebrate landscape, conserve and develop rural heritage, provide opportunities for people of all ages to get involved, and create a legacy which lives on after the close of the project.

Banners created for the final event can be viewed here (as PDF)              

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Audiovisuals available on request to judyparrott@gmail.com
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