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Tom Chadwick, Chairman of Enterprise Music Scotland (November 2016)fuaigh

Fuaigh is a truly excellent show! Rona, Judith, John and Gillebride should be extremely proud of what is in my view a masterpiece. I would give it at least seven stars. The singing was really lovely and the stories and images warm and beautiful. The funeral scene and the Paisley bard trying to burn his work were really emotional, but the warmth that shone brightly through the entire event, the brilliant mixing of your singers with an obviously enthusiastic and encaptured audience during the dancing etc. really made Fuaigh what I guess it actually means. The lovely photography and inspired use of the beautifully smooth stones. The dram at the ceilidh. We really did feel as though we were from South Uist ourselves! You made a big impression on us all, which I am sure will live in our memories. You also attracted a very large and one of the most diverse audiences that we have been in and left us all with some Gaelic.



Grounded (2014)




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ABC Radio National - Walking the Bridge

Hamish Sewell (13 Dec 2010 11:31:10pm)

Judy, I've just taken the time out to listen to your piece on podcast. Laying back on my couch and soaking up the sounds of which I'd heard a few prior to now. But this...I'm impressed by what you did bridge1and feel your writing really carried this piece. It was highly crafted, elegiac and for those of us who love poetry, something of a feast. I could hear in your voice, small traces of nerves that reminded me of what it is like to utter those words that carry meaning etched deep in your bones and which must be put out there, in cadence and breath, to an invisible listener. And yet at no point did the sounds you gathered, the voices and stories of your village ever disappear or seem overshadowed by your writing. The smells, the footsteps, the lull, lore and laments cut alongside your writing beautifully, skilfully, immersive.

While I found myself waiting in anticipation for your observations on Australia, this fast and shallow lifestyle bereft of the familiar, your ending neatly placed this missing piece into the puzzle in several sentences and all was done. This was a rich and sustaining piece you produced and I think you have much to offer radio if you can gift us such works in the future. Congratulations.

Annie (08 Dec 2010 4:18:51pm)

Thank you for this wonderful program, it brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes to hear others express the complex emotions of being a displaced person by choice. I emigrated with my husband from England almost 29 years ago and waited ten years before our first visit back. I wasn't prepared for the intense feeling of coming "home" that engulfed me when I saw the familiar street scape of houses as the plane came in to land. I soaked up the accent and phrases and wondered why every woman sounded exactly the same as my mother. Getting on board that plane to return to the home of my choice was hard, harder than when we left our families ten years earlier. That line of Judith's "...Where I am back where I am from" resonates deeply with me.

Sarah Jameson (07 Dec 2010 9:02:43am)

Many thanks Judy and ABC for a fabulous program. I am a Ten Pound Pom migrant with a Scottish/English ancestry. My PhD over the last 8 years has been looking at identity, migration, memory, place, loss and grief and the influence of the artifacts migrants bring with them to the new place. This was such a timely program and I am so glad I was listening!

Brian Barr (04 Dec 2010 3:39:26am)

Just listened to this documentary. I found it moving, thoughtful and technically superb. Lovely use of words, sound effects and music. It's the kind of thing that seems to be largely lost to television but happily is still alive and well on stream radio. Enjoyed the videos very much as well.


Rothesay, Canada

rothcanMary Jane, Town Clerc: June 2009

What a truly wonderful project you have completed – I really don’t know what else to say – I’m truly speechless and have tears in my eyes – and I love my hometown even more now!!

Lynda Henderson Managing Editor, Forargyll.com: June 2009

The organisers of the exhibition are to be congratulated for their judgment in sending Judy as their camera-laden ambassador to New Brunswick. They could not have chosen better.


Rothesay, A Place on an Island

Anne Rado, local resident, Scotland

rothscot1This is amazing. I have been on the island for 12 years and you for 3 months, yet I have learned manythings about it that Ididn’t know before. Photographs and captions are lovely too. Such well caught images.

Alison Clarke, local resident, Scotland

Fabulous and very evocative experience.
All the things we take for granted here made new and special. Aren’t we lucky!

Annie Shaw, local resident, Scotland

Very innovative and thought provoking


Antartica, A Place in the Wilderness

antartic1Ray McMahon, Antarctic Veteran, Australia, 2007

I must reiterate my comments! You put on a fine exhibition of Antarctic images,
possibly the best I have seen


Communities of Faith Walking Together

faith1Deannah Vieth, Community Arts Officer, Brisbane City Council, Australia

The entrance to City Hall is getting blocked as people stop to look at the banners in the foyer.



Michael Muldoon, Reminiscence Programme, workshop participant, Glasgow Scotland 2010

Great tutoring; immense new outlook at photography; wonderful people and great patience with me. Always supporting, there was never a bad moment in the class. I look at the world in a whole different way now. It’s changed my life, the way I see everything.

Catherine Wallach, photography Reminiscence Project, workshop participant, Glasgow Scotland 2010

This course has been a real eye opener. Instead of the camera being used to just pass on information, it can actually create a piece of art in itself, with a lot of help from our tutor Judy Parrott… A truly enjoyable and creative experience in which we all feel privileged to have taken part. I really liked the idea of writing our thoughts down and blending them with the photographs. I would most certainly like to do a follow up workshop.

Flying Arts workshop, Qld. Australia

Judy has presented well and the content was fantastic. It was very informative and answered all my questions.

Judy was friendly and approachable. Well presented with a great tutor. Flying Arts workshop.


Artist Talk

Antarctica, Artist talks in schools, Qld Australia

We were all gripped. The sounds and images really gave a sense of being there. Very interesting and atmospheric, thank you

Sherryl Ryan, Director, Culture at Work, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for presenting - my daughter loved your talk - as did everybody. I have had such feedback!


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