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This first exhibition in the Place Matters series is documented in the suburb of West End, Brisbane, Australia. The project received funding from The Australian Government through Arts Queensland. The exhibition consists of forty-three framed silver gelatin images, seven framed collages, a soundscape, interactive items to touch, taste and smell and a cloth book in which residents can record their responses to the development of the area. The exhibition includes material to stimulate the five senses. And so it is a “sense” of place.

West End – A Sense of Place deals with the anxiety caused by issues of rapid development, homogenisation and gentrification in the suburb of West End.

The body of work acknowledges and builds upon the uniqueness of West End life, the people and buildings, a celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. It looks at the current controversial changes to this social and built environment. The exhibition acknowledges the importance of belonging in ‘place’ and the unsettling effects of imposed change brought about by developers and facilitated by council planning policies. A building might, but a home cannot have a price. It has a value; community, culture, people and environment.

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