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Larach is a public artwork; an audiovisual mounted in the heritage Tardis (Police Box), in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, for Merchant City Festival 2016.

Larach (Footprint) examines the influence of the Gaelic community on the city of Glasgow. This short film creatively explores the historic mass migration of Gaelic people to Glasgow, and how this helped shape the city’s reputation as one of the world’s most hospitable cities; one that revolves around its people, and welcomes strangers in.

The focal point of Larach is the ‘Heilanman’s Umbrella’ – the glass walled railway bridge which carries the platforms of Glasgow Central station across Argyle Street.

At the time of the second Highland Clearances, Gaelic-speakers, new to the city, gathered under the bridge to keep in touch. They brought stories from home, and received support from the Gaels who had arrived before. Once settled they, in their turn, passed the favour on. In so doing, the Gaelic community continued to embrace their own culture of hospitality, evident in the Glasgow of today.

The Heilanman’s Umbrella was a shelter, physical and emotional, for displaced Gaelic people.

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