8. On Being Connected, 2012
Could information and communications technology have developed with such intensity in a world where life remained local and people were much more physically connected?

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs, are perhaps the most well known of the many individuals who brought about the ICT revolution. They climbed the ranks of the world’s wealthiest. These men were part of a system that simultaneously drives us evermore physically apart, and fills the gap it has created. So it is that our dependence on them is increased.

As humans we seek out connections, so we are more likely to notice their role in connecting us than we are to notice their role in first of all, driving us apart.

The world’s wealthiest man, Carlos Slim Helu, increased his fortunes with investments in telecommunications. Bill Gates is the second wealthiest and Larry Ellison of Oracle is the sixth wealthiest. If feeling connected and having a sense of belonging is one of the greatest human needs, is this unsurprising?