ROTHESAY – A PLACE ON AN ISLAND (Isle of Bute)                                                      Click on thumbnails in gallery below to view larger image

Rothesay - A Place on an Island was funded through the Scottish Arts Council Partners Programme. It is the fourth in the Place Matters series. The exhibition consists of twenty-six framed silver gelatin prints, a colour digital projection, a soundscape, interactive items to touch, taste and smell, and artist diaries.

In my travels I absorb cultures and wild places so immense and rich, so detailed in their artistry, yet everywhere I see the people shaped by their landscape, their weather and their place. In turn they shape their place. Our relationship to our environment is therefore essential for its survival. That people and their place are so inextricably linked has formed the basis of my artwork over the years.

There is a sense of community that exists here on Bute, that greets me every day when I walk out of my close in King Street and onto the streets of Rothesay. All held and swirled with the clouds and the storms and the weather mixing a cocktail which blossoms brighter than any summer’s day.

Regal View
Rothesay Bay

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